Flatlay Photos | An Overview for Brides

Everyone LOVES the flatlay details photos that capture the essence of your wedding day before it even begins. But maybe you find yourself asking:

"What is a flatlay?"

"What do I need to bring?"

"How will my photographer know where all of the details are?"

"How will I get ready if my jewelry/shoes/dress are away for photos?"

If you relate to any of those questions above, then this blog post is for you! Keep reading for an intro to flatlays and an overview that will leave you feeling prepared for your wedding day.


What is a flatlay?

Flatlays have become a popular addition to wedding photography packages! Your photographer will gather some of the personal details from your wedding day - think invitation suites, custom florals, your wedding rings, etc. - and combine all of the details in to these photos to tell the story of your wedding day before it even gets started. Every single flatlay is unique, and that's something I just adore about them! Flatlays are a beautiful way to capture the essence of a wedding all in one place.


What do I need to bring?

  • Dress
  • Veil/Hairpieces
  • Rings (all three)
  • Shoes (his & hers)
  • Bouquet
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Invitation suite (2x) and addressed envelopes
  • Borrowed & Blue
  • Vow Books
  • Tie/Cuff Links/Pocket Square/Watch
  • Loose Florals

How will my photographer know where all of the details are?

It is super helpful to photographers for all of the details to be gathered before the wedding day and placed in a box that is easy to grab. When I arrive to a wedding, the first thing I do is find the bride, say hello and give a quick hug, and grab those details and get started on the flatlay photos! Having all of the details compiled together in to a single box ahead of time makes everything go SO much smoother on the wedding day.

I recommend placing all of the smaller details in to a box and keeping them right next to your dress/veil/shoes in the bridal suite.


How will I get ready if my jewelry/shoes/dress are away for photos?

This is why I prioritize doing flatlay photos first thing when I arrive at a wedding! Majority of the time I'll walk in during the middle of hair and makeup leaving ample time for these detail shots. By the time I return with the details, the bride is soon ready to get in to her dress and do those final-touch photos of getting ready. Photographers are extremely used to working with a wedding day timeline and should be very familiar with keeping the flow of the day steady.